• The fun of feathers

    Over the last couple of months I have had several requests for the use of feathers in the floral decor of some special events that I have done.  It's definitely something that I've done before and I always love that touch of softness that feathers add to a floral arrangement.  It also adds lovely texture that enhances the overall look.  Last weekend my couple was very colorful and they requested the presence of peacock feathers in their designs.  That was fun!  The turquoise color that outlines the eye of the feather is so unique and brilliant.  


    Then I was out shopping with my daughter and she fell in love with a top that was all about feathers:


    If that is not the look of a Mackie… I don't know what is.  I'm very happy that she is following in my taste.  I can't wait to show this one to Bob so he can see that he has a future Mackinista headed his way.  

    But then I was recently in the hair salon and I pick up the latest release of a well know home fashion magazine and fell upon a page that was all about plumage.  Feathers everywhere, fashion, furniture, accessories, decor… you name it.  If you can put a feather on it… it's there.  So my feather exposure was not a coincidence… feathers are on the rise… not surprising considering that a feather is the perfect blend of nature and glamour.  They can run the gamut from soft to wild to fancy and more.  Is it the airy feeling of a feather?  The freedom of flight?  What are your thoughts about feathers… what feelings do they evoke for you?  And how do you see feathers in your world?  Yes, they have been around for a long time, but keep a watch on things because you'll be seeing feathers a lot lately, in ways that bring them back with a fresh twist.

    Bob Mackie is a feather connoisseur.  Going back to the days that he was first inspired by anything tribal… and then of course  his work with Cher and her feathered costumes.  Bob's love of feathers continue to be recreated in his Wearable Art designs for QVC.  If you are looking for just the right way to bring a little feather into your life, check out some of the beautiful, artistic creations of Bob Mackie:

    This is Bob's Feather Embroidered fleece vest that comes with the coordinating turtleneck.  You get two items for a fabulous price and definitely some must haves for this time of year.  The item number for this one is A98255.  This is the purple/gray choice.  There are a couple of colors to choose from, but hurry to get your hands on this one as the sizes are going quickly.  

    How about something is a bit more detail?

        This takes a tee shirt to another level.  The layers of feathers create a gorgeous necklace built on to your shirt.  It's all done in impeccable embroidery with tons of detail and fabulous colors.  The black and green have all sizes available and then coral, periwinkle, gold and grey are a bit more limited… go to QVC.com to see if your size is there.  Item A212395.

    Feathers are definitely fashion forward this season and there are all different kinds of feathers to give the wow you're looking for… how will you create your wow moment?  


    Have fun!


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