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    Hello Mackinistas!

    I recently had a lengthy discussion with a bunch of girlfriends… it was a girls night get together.  The subject was about glamour.  It all started with the casual inquiries about what we had planned for the upcoming holidays.  Ivo and I will be in New York City for Thanksgiving and then we will host Christmas Eve at our home.  This conversation naturally evolves to the "what do you think you'll wear"?  We are all very different in personalities, body styles and ages.  The word glamour popped up several times and what started as fashion chit chat became a deep and thought provoking talk.  Not in a bad way of any sort,… more of a realization that sometimes we see ourselves much differently than others see us and that each of our views about glamour are very different.  For example, one of my friends sees herself as a non glamorous person.  She followed that line up with 'I'm pretty boring.'  To the contrary, I would describe her as glamorous, in a Kate Hepburn sort of way.  There were other viewpoints that involved expressions like "I could never pull that off, but you can", or "I'll completely embarrass myself if I wear that".  It was not just the simple truth that we have different tastes and styles of dressing… it was the insight that we might be tempted to dip our toes into unfamiliar waters if given the chance.  The AHA of the night… there is not one way of looking or feeling glamorous and certainly many ways of approaching it.  

    I would compare it to how we all appreciate art in different ways.  Each work evokes a different feeling for each person.  We all take away something different.

    The more I thought about this conversation… the more I thought about Bob Mackie.  The mind of a truly gifted designer is amazing.  Creating for many different women… shapes, sizes, tastes, ages, etc…. (my little girls group was just a drop in the bucket for variety).  It's the art of tapping into all of our individual ideas of glamour and how we was to express that.  

    The correlation that I made with a work of art was just a coincidence… but doesn't that just make sense as Bob Mackie is an artist aside from being a fashion designer…. so it would figure that in his Wearable Art line at QVC… there is a work of art for everyone.

    I invite your thoughts about glamour… how do you define glamour?  How does it vary from you to someone else?  How do you like to bring glamour into your wardrobe?  

    Webster's dictionary defines glamour as an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness.

    Now, I don't know every single woman in this world, but I am sure that most of them, in their own way, would appreciate a little slice of romantic attractiveness from time to time.

    Who better to help out with that in terms of fashion?  Mr. Bob Mackie, of course.  And that is the bottom line right?  We all are different and have different opinions and desires when it comes to glamour.

    So, just like my girls and I asked each other… "what are you planning for the upcoming holidays" and "what are you going to wear?"

    Maybe it's a Bob Mackie that is hanging in your closet right now.  If you need to do some shopping… may I suggest these:

     Bob Mackie's placement print pullover… grape, olive or slate.  This is for the woman who feels glamorous is a yummy cotton/rayon blend featuring a classic paisley print.  A237604.

    Bob Mackie's 3/4 length sleeve sequin blouse with a back seam detail.  Some of us need some sequins to set the tone for glamour.  This one does that and so much more in black, cranberry, navy and plum.  A237610.

    And then there is the velvet burnout.  That will do it for me every time.  Bob's burn out velvet cowl top in black, garnet and sapphire. Glamour alert there.  A238453.

    Which one will you go for?  Happy shopping and happy planning for the holiday season.




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    • judy miller says...

      Bob Mackie, I love your clothes and love to wear them. You always make us look special. I would also like to ask you a question. I also love your perfumes Mackie is my favorite, anytime I wear this one, someone always ask me what I am wearing. The question is: Why can’t I find your wonderful cream. I can’t find that one NOT EVEN YOUR LOTIONS. Why. I know you are very busy but I would appreciate if you could give all us girls an answer about your Mackie cream and lotion. I do know for sure that a lot of ladies would love to be able to find your products. Thanks, Judy

      On December 20, 2013

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