• The Christmas countdown is on!

    Hello Friends!

    How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  Did you get to enjoy the Turkey with all of your favorite fixin's?  Now that all the left overs are gone and we are into December, the countdown for Christmas is on.  It feels like it's coming early this year because Thanksgiving was so late along with an early Hanukkah.  Best wishes for everyone enjoying day 8 of this special holiday.

    Are you ready for Christmas?  Silly question, right?  Well I know that many of you are well organized and on top of things with your planning, but if any of you are like me you're feeling a bit rushed and behind the eight ball.  I have the family to take care of, the house to decorate, the Christmas Eve dinner to plan and holiday events to attend.  Everything from my kids Christmas concert to get togethers with friends.  Where will I find all the time I need to get ready?  It's like the to do list is never empty and there are never enough hours in the day!  Do you ever feel like that?

    In hopes of getting a jump start on things we put our tree up this past weekend.  We chop down our own each year and I must say, this years tree is a beauty.  The kids and I made some very colorful garland and decorations to go with what we usually put up for ornaments.  Very festive, don't you think?

    Since every weekend between now and the end of the year is completely booked we needed to get that done.  Next up, what to wear to all the holiday parties.  This year I am aiming to keep it simple, classic and budget friendly.  How does that sound to you?  If you have a black top, black skirt and black pants, this suggestion will go a long way and look good for every occasion.

    Check out Bob Mackie's Soutache and sequin 3/4 sleeve jacket.  It's only available at QVC in the colors of sapphire, taupe and magenta.   The names refer to the color under the lace.  I have it in the sapphire and love it.  The item number is A239166.

    As you can see here I have my basic black on and the jacket does all the talking.  These close up views show off the satin trim at the edge of the body and sleeves along with the hook and eye closure down the front:


    The finish of this jacket is top notch and the weight is terrific… it won't be too heavy and all you need underneath is a finished camisole or tank top.  One of the nicest things is where it falls on the body.  I know it might be shorter than many of you may wear, but it's cut with a flair so it stays roomy at the waist.  Take a look here to see where the jacket falls on me:

    Sometimes you just need the perfect topper… this one will insure you have a holly jolly Christmas season for all your festive affairs.

    Watch for daily Christmas countdown options here and on Bob's Facebook page.  I'll be here to offer helpful hints for all your holiday dressing.  You can always do more shopping for Bob's Wearable Art fashion at QVC.com.

    Have a lovely day!












    with the lace 239166

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