• Goodbye 13, hello 14

    As we wrap up the Christmas holiday,… (did you eat too much?, me too!)… and get ready to watch the big ball drop tonight, I want to wish all of you the very best for the upcoming year.  From myself, my family and the entire Bob Mackie team.  

    It was a whirl wind week for us in the Jansen household.  As promised, here are photos of the very colorful Christmas Eve table:


    I really did feel that I was being channeled my Bob with the right splashes of color… it indeed was an eye candy extravaganza for the kids.  I want to give a shout out to my fabulous husband/chef who delivered on a delicious meal to make the whole night a true success.

    The cherubs were happy with what Santa arrived with.  Colette has really gotten into the Barbie's now.  I need to introduce her to the Mackie Barbie fashion line!  Ian is all boy with cars, cars and more cars.  The faster they can go the better it is.  And Tyler is a typical teenager.  It's computers, games and anything that starts with an i.  The hard part for him is that all those things also start with $ and a lot of it.  Oh my!

    Given my complete and utter exhaustion from all the festivities I am happy to report that tonight I will sit quietly with my family and a few friends and enjoy the entrance to 2014 in the comfort of my home.  Not that it's anything different from another year.  We like to stay low key on New Years Eve.  What about you?


    Please share with us what your Christmas and New Year's Holiday was like.  What was the favorite goodie that Santa brought to you and what your new year's resolution, if you have one, will be.  One of mine, typical as usual, back to the gym :)


    Mark your calendars because we'll be underway this coming Monday morning, January 6th with some great things to shop for from Bob Mackie's Wearable Art Collection at QVC.  I'll be on during the 6am show with Jayne and Pat.  I'll give you a sneak peek of what I'm bring later this week.


    Best wishes to you all.


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