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    Hi Friends!

    Has everyone heard that Radiant Orchid is the pantone color of the year for 2014?  I have to admit that I've always wondered how these colors are picked each year and who does it.... how about you?  Well I did a little research.  The color is announced each year from Pantone which is a company who created a color matchings system that you see in various manufacturing industries... not just fashion.  Do you remember the day of learning your primary colors?  Well they are the base of all colors, but each color has it's own unique recipe.  That is what Pantone has created.  They hold two big meetings each year for color experts from around the world to discuss and decide on what the new color should be.  Trend predictions are a big influence, but also the feel and vibe of society is another huge consideration.  They assess the mood of society and because every color exudes a particular kinds of emotion, they decide on what they think society could use for the year.  For example, last year emerald was chosen based on the fact that emerald is a color that evokes growth and renewal. This year the selection of radiant orchid was picked for it's inspiration, confidence and encouraging creativity.  What do you think?  Did you feel growth and renewal last year and are you ready to be creative and and confident this year?  Honestly, if someone said we chose it just because it's a pretty color, I'd be cool with that. 

    So, radiant orchid.... what is that color exactly?  I'll admit it... I was wondering myself. It's in the purple family with undertones of pink and fuchsia. The color is represented by a purple Phaleonopsis Orchid.

    Do you have that color in your wardrobe? We are 15 days into 2014... what are we waiting for?  Let's shop!

    If you don't have something in this gorgeous color, I am here to help.  My favorite choice today is Bob Mackie's 3/4 scallop sleeve tunic with the embroidered and bead detail. Item 234062.

    The color is called grape, but it is a very close match to the orchid color of the year.  What you will also love about this top is the Mackie touches.  The neckline is gorgeous with a stunning design of  beading and embroidery.  A perfect amount of glam to jazz up your casual looks.  And how about the comfortable combo of cotton, poly and spandex?  I would say that 90% of the time I wear spandex.... it's a must.  

    Speaking of orchids, one of the many things that Bob Mackie and I have in common is that we both love and grow orchid plants in our homes. I also use them often in my floral design work for special events.

    These are white phaleonopsis orchids on a table display that I did.  They are such an elegant flower.

    Maybe try bringing an orchid into your home... one you can wear in the color of the year and one you can put in the window.

    Get your radiant orchid on and get out on your runway of life.  Show your friends that you are on the 'up and up' and 'in the know' for fashion in 2014.  There will be a lot more to come from Mr. Mackie this year.  The fun starts at the end of the month with three jammed packed shows on January 31st.  I'll give out more details as the big day approaches, but in the meantime you can shop now for more radiant orchid choices from Bob Mackie's Wearable Art line on QVC.  


    See you soon,


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