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More winter?

How much longer?  That is what we have been saying this week at my house... for several reasons.  First of all because little Mr. Groundhog apparently poked his head out of his home to announce more winter days ahead... and then there was storm Maximus that swept through last week.  Oh, that was some fun!  I was in New York City to attend the New York Gift Show.  It was not too bad there, but getting home was nearly impossible and I came home to no power and several casualties in the yard.  Here's a look at my poor trees which is just a small sampling of the damage and the reason our power was out in the entire area for 5 days straight!

What does one do for 5 days with no power, no work and no school?  Fun hair do's of course!  That's what my daughter thinks anyway.  I love her ability to look for the fun in things.  Check out her style:

So now that I have my power back ... I can be connected to you all again.  What did you think of Bob's last visit to QVC?  What were your favorites?  What did you get for yourself?  I know that we all have spring on our minds, but there is still plenty of winter for us.  Be sure to have a fabulously fashionable layer to keep you looking gorgeous and warm.  Louneska, who works in our design offices in New York City loves Bob's feather printed shawl collar jacket.  A239164.  This was something new that Bob brought in last month.

She has the brown multi, but it also comes in blue, grey, teal and purple.

It's a very subtle feather print that moves across the body, creating a diagonal movement which is extremely flattering.  Princess seaming gives the semi-fitted silhouette a perfect fit.  The lines flow down to a scoop pocket detailed with piping that is also done along all the edges of the jacket including the collar... oh the collar!  Its dramatic, but you will appreciate even more, the wonderfully cozy and warm feeling of the fleece.  It's Bob's signature fleece that we have loved for so many of his designs.  Grab this one in time to enjoy for the rest of this winter... which we are wondering, how much longer will it be?

Stay warm and mark you calendars for a visit from Bob at QVC this week.  I'll preview something for you tomorrow.



















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