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Bob is back!

Hello Mackie lovers!

As we struggle through winter with one big storm after another we must rally on and believe that spring will come!  Let's fantasize, shall we?  What is your favorite thing about spring?  Mine is a pergola that we have in the front yard.  It's covered in wisteria and in the spring for about three full weeks there are tons of lovely, heavenly scented blossoms all over it.


This is Ivo, myself and the kids standing in front of it last Easter.... currently it's covered in snow!

Just when I think I just can't take it anymore, I think of that image and know that soon it will be here.  In the meantime... shop!  Why now?  Bob Mackie is back at QVC tomorrow, Tuesday February 11th, for a couple of jam packed, full of new shows.  Early to bed and early to rise to catch Bob tomorrow morning at 5am for one hour.  Then later in the day he'll be on at 5pm for a two hour show.  Now I know that many of us are use to seeing snowflakes falling these days, but how about this to perk your spirits:

Heavenly Hydrangea blossoms falling with Bob Mackie's fabulous printed tunic.  It's the look and feel of silk in a silhouette that is just so easy to wear dressed up or down.  Check out this new color of tangerine.


This one has all the elements you want in a top that will have them asking, "where did you get that?"  Be sure to let everyone know it's a Bob Mackie which not only gives you a quality top, but it's the artwork that you are wearing that makes it exceptional.  Watch for A230967 in the 5pm hour with all colors in stock and another new color of turquoise.  

If you need a pick me to help secure the promise of spring...this one will do the trick.

I'll be joining Bob during the 5pm hour, so I look forward to seeing you there!



  • Pamela Altet

    Hi Bob l love your style. There was a time when you designed watches. I had one which l just loved.It quit working.Tried to get it fixed. The watch was never returned. It was most awesome. I wish I could get another one. I see you no longer carry them. I have never seen another one that was anywhereas nice or even similiar. It was a two tone gold and silver bracelet watch. I would love to have another one. Any chance you will start to design them again? Or maybe have any suggestions?l have been searching forever. Thank you for your time.

  • jennie ladew

    Hi Bob – many many items I have of yours and love them all – I would like to know if you will ever have the suede jacket/coat back again that had the fringe on the sleeves – I had saved my money up for the jacket when you were showing it and then when I went back to check it out it was gone and I have not seen it since.- I just love that jacket – I have your t-shirt with the American Indian design on and love it – I just purchased your fleece shawl collar jacket – lovely, just lovely – well, if you are back in CA enjoy the warmth I’m in VA with plenty, plenty of snow – look forward to your shows – jennie

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