• Bob Mackie on Elton John

    “He was a great muse...You could just do anything and he would like it. Which always surprised me, because most people have things that they want.”-Bob Mackie



    On the cover of the latest issue of Clash magazine (March 2014) is the superbly talented Elton John. Elton is not only well known for his contributions to the music world, but also for his over the top sense of entertainment and extravagant costumes. The magazine dedicated the issue to all things Elton-- from modern looks curated by the singer-songwriter, interview with the man himself, as well as Q&As with other artists who have been influential to his success and have been influenced by him.


    Also featured is an interview with Bob Mackie, one of Elton’s biggest costume designers and good friend. Bob and Elton go way back to the 1970’s. They first met on the set of Cher’s Show. In the Clash article Bob talks about his relationship with Elton and how much fun it was to work with him. “He was the only one who would come in and just let me be loose and do fun things.” Elton gave Bob creative freedom to do all those wild and crazy costumes. Bob would give Elton a choice of costumes that he could pick a few from, but to Bob’s surprise, he picked the whole lot of them. He   would even wear some of the craziest ones throughout a whole entire show (see Elton John in Donald Duck Costume). “It’s like you take people on a fantasy ride,” says Elton. He sure did and with Bob by his side they were a power team in entertainment. 

    Pick up a copy of Clash now or order it from their online store.


    written by Bob Mackie intern, Hannah Duncan.

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