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    Many of you ask… what is Bob’s inspiration for his Wearable Art creations? As a true artist, Bob draws on all facets of his life for his fashion inspiration. In many cases it’s versions of gorgeous one of a kind pieces that he has designed for celebrities. If you tuned into one of the January shows on QVC you saw Bob’s Embroidered Bombay Tunic. It’s Item A2304. I wore it in red and there are now 9 colors to choose from in this highly rated tunic. Pink and light Aqua are the two new colors: 

    When we were talking about this one, I shared that this was a design inspired by something that Bob had done exclusively for Carol Burnett to wear on her show. You know, Bob designed for the Carol Burnett show for many years. Bob is very shy about these things, but I love to share the news. Check out the original!

    Worn in the late 1960’s – early 1970’s with an original price tag of $800, you can see how ‘everything old is new again’ and Bob Mackie’s silhouettes are works of art that do stand the test of time. Take in all the beading, embroidery and cabochon detailing.  It is a work of art.  In fact, this one is actually part of a collection that was auctioned off by Christies & Julien’s. How many fashion designers can boast about that?

    How do you wear your tunic? Carol wore hers with a pair of matching jersey knit pants. I am sure something similar to Bob’s wide leg pant that comes in a multitude of colors and wears fabulously on all body types. If you don’t have a pair… it’s a must have and they come in regular, item A13015 and petite lengths, item A13112.

    So, when you are out in your Embroidered Bombay Tunic by Bob Mackie, remember he designed this for Carol Burnett and you!


    Have a great day!



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