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Introducing Bob Mackie's Princess Stargazer Barbie!

A few weeks ago, we announced that Bob would be designing another Barbie Collector. We included this great interview with Robert Best, where he revealed a sketch of Princess Stargazer Barbie. 



Today, we introduce to you the last Barbie in the Bob Mackie collection: Princess Stargazer Barbie





 The doll embodies every quintessential element that makes Mackie Barbies so desirable. With her exquisite detailing from enchanting headpiece to ethereal wings to whimsical pointed booties, Princess Stargazer Barbie is everything a glamorous fairy should be. Her long, flowing, purple hair gives her that extra magical flair, all while maintaining a bit of a mischievous aura.  


Princess Stargazer Barbie was co-designed with Robert Best and made her debut on February 13th, bringing a bit of brightness and fun to this winter season. With only 4000 available, be sure to own the last piece of the Mackie-Barbie dynasty! 


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