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Four Last Minute Mackie Inspired Halloween Costumes

Still don't know what you're going to be for Halloween? We may be able to help. Bob's been credited with the creation and development of hundreds of characters in television, movies, the stage, etc... Channel your inner Bob Mackie and creatively improvise a costume. Here are just a few of those memorable characters you can be, with the aid of a few easy to find items.

 Mrs. Wiggins from the Carol Burnett Show

    What you need:  low plunging top, preferably in burnout velvet, black pencil skirt, large bulbous jewelry, and pumps.
    Additional materials: blonde wavy wig
    Important characteristic to remember about the 'Wiggins Wiggle' even if you are, as Carol once put it to Bob, "flat back there" is to simply  "Stick your butt out in there."
    Bonus: If you want to make it a couples costume, your partner just needs a suit to be Mr. Tudball. 
    Bob Mackie Circus Barbie
    We are still in love with these MackieBound creations Leslie Kay of DisneyBound made for us a long while back. What you need: red bustier top or a black top with red blazer, gold/black leggings, black gloves (arm or kid length), top hat with feathers, and red or black boots.  
    Additional Materials: Red lipstick and star earrings
    Bonus: When you have to sit, sit like you are swinging above the crowd like Barbie does
    Sonny and Cher: The Original IT COUPLE
    I mean how can we not include these two? 
    What you need for Cher: yellow shirt, furry vest, wide black belt, and bell bottoms 
    Bonus: long black wig, toy gun
    What you need for Sonny: Paisely shirt, furry vest, wide black belt, tweed pants or bell bottoms 
    Bonus: sherif star, toy gun, and if you want to opt for the later-in-life Sonny look, you can always wear a fake mustache
    And the best for last: Carol Burnett as Miss Starlett in Went With the Wind
    What You Need: pink dress, green curtains, curtain rod, and gold rope tassels/curtain ties as a belt
    Bonus: makeshift hat with gold fringes
    What are some innovative ideas you have for a costume? We'd love to see them! Feel free to share your best costumes on our facebook page or tweet it to @bobmackie
    Have a Happy Halloween! 


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