QVC’s Lisa Robertson Interviews Bob Mackie Pt. 1

This is the first video in a series of interviews QVC host, Lisa Robertson, conducted with Bob Mackie. Lisa and Bob talk about his style, career history, and much more. In this segment, Bob talks about his early childhood and how movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood were a big influence in shaping his passion for design. Find out more about how Bob got his start when he made a life changing decision. You may be surprised to find out what Bob originally went to school for and the types of jobs he’s had.


  • Kathy Jsbell

    Hello Bob. I have one of your bedroom suits. Bought it out of a $2 Million Dollar house in Birmingham, Al. I feel honored to have it in my home. Watch you on QVC and love Lisa Thanks So Much, Kathy Solomon Isbell

  • sylvia waite

    I have a blouse made of soft cotton rn 90133 and would like another one like it . Ita design is of indian feathers and advocado in color. Let me know if you make these clothes and where I can find them on line. You would not believe the coments I got on this blouse. Thanks S A Waite

  • Liz Stenhouse

    Bob Mackie has changed my life – Being 32 and revamping my wardrobe has helped inspire others to take better care of themselves…I love Bob Mackie!

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