Lisa Robertson Interviews Bob Mackie Pt. 4

QVC personality, Lisa Robertson, concludes her four-part interview with Bob Mackie by talking about his transition from a sketch artist to a designer. Lisa also asks Bob to impart some practical wisdom about shopping and finding the right fit for your body.


  • Cathy Jandrue

    Dear Mr. Mackie, I first met you in 1991 at Filenes for your perfume signing in Chesnut Hill, Massachusetts. And also at a talk show the next day not too far from there. I was the one with the Mitzi Gaynor program books that you signed! The oldest Mitzi program book I had saved since childhood. I was too young too go to the show but when my mom showed me that book with all of your dazzling costumes, I knew that I wanted to be a costume designer too! I ended up earning a BFA Degree in Fashion Design from the Mass. College of Art. And when I met you I was also designing freelance for the Male Encounter Show. You asked my mom if she let me design for those guys! I met you one more time at the end of a Boston fashion show in the late 1990s. I am going to audition for Project Runway again. I hope you write another book with lots of pictures and visit Boston again soon!! Cathy J.

  • Donna

    Dear Mr. Mackie,
    Just HAD to tell you what an impact you have had in my life. You have filled that void that hungers and thirsts for beauty and elegance. You have taken us to places that we lesser mortals dared not aspire – and we have enjoyed every minute of the ride! What a kind, wonderful person and inspiration you are! As drawing, art, and fashion design are my great loves, I feel such an affinity to you and am as happy for your success as if you were my son.
    THANK YOU!!!

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