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Make My Mackie Vintage

A classic never goes out of style. Case in point, Bob Mackie's timeless designs. Last week, two very popular sources for fashion highlighted wearing vintage Mackie to amp up your current style. 

Refinery29 included a dress from Bob's 1984 Resort Collection, which has more information at 1stdibs. Touting vintage frocks as a "way to stand apart from the ready-to-wear masses," R29 echoed the Bob Mackie motto of "When a woman wears a Mackie, she dares to be noticed." Here's the original picture from back in the day and the dress as it appears on 1stdibs now:


Nasty Gal, a purveyor of edgy fashions recently released their latest lookbook (thanks to April Yablonovitch for alerting us to it!). Entitled, "Pop Rocks" for its wildly colorful choice of clothes. Among them, was a bright neon vintage Harlequin Mackie blouse from his sportswear collection. Due to its standout pattern, this piece is now sold out. 


What do you think? Do you incorporate vintage pieces to your looks? If you want more vintage Mackie fashion, be sure to follow our Pinterest board, curated by Hire Me Bob Mackie, and filled with Mackie finds from all over the web.


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