• Wearable Art Color Trends for 2013

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    I had my first visit this year to the Mackie design studio in New York last week.  News flash:  There is a lot to look forward to for 2013… check out the color board:



    I went up there on Friday…the same day that Nemo was arriving!  What a blast.  Things were very exciting as the city prepared for the blizzard.  I ended up staying the weekend with my friend Christa who was also there.  We had such a wonderful time.  I have never experienced New York City so snowy and quiet.  Just walking the streets was magical.


    When I sat down with the Mackie apparel team to take a look at what is coming up for the next couple of months the same word kept coming to mind: WOW!  You’re going to be so blown away by the silhouettes that Bob is bringing for February.  There are new colors in the looks you already love:


    You may recognize this popular sweater.  There are 2 new colors coming on the scene.  Just the right addition for the upcoming spring season!

    Looking for some good luck?  Grab an elephant; new colors for this favorite.


    Tulips are the in season flower right now.  The tulips fields in Holland are in full bloom, just like the dancing tulips on this gorgeous top.  This one debuted last year and was extremely successful… you’re going to love the new colors.



    Just like the above pieces, the new ones have that key detail that makes a Bob Mackie design a true work of art:  the artwork!  Check out the details of the new prints that Bob has created.  Of course a Wearable Art piece is meant to be worn, but seriously, you could hang anyone of this designs on your wall as a work of art for the home.  They are that beautiful.



    Dresses, shirts, and skirts… it’s all coming your way, so be sure to tune into the upcoming shows.  I have a two-hour show coming up this Friday Feb 22nd 4am-6am eastern time.  I hope you can join me.  If that’s too early for you, I’ll be on with several items later that morning in the Fashionably Early show with Jayne & Pat.


    If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to spring and summer and the new looks to compliment your wardrobe.  Maybe you even need something sooner for an anticipated vacation?  Join me for the show or do some online shopping at QVC.com to fulfill your wishes.


    If you need any suggestions or have any questions, be sure to send a message or post back to me here on Facebook.  If you are a pinner, be sure to visit Bob’s pinterest page: www.pinterest.com/bobmackie, and if you are a tweeter follow Bob on twitter (@bobmackie).


    I wish you a great weekend and upcoming week.  I’ll see you on Friday!




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