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    It's time for another edition of Ask Margaux!

    Good day!How is everyone?  It’s a great day here in PA, sunny and an expected high 75 degrees--come on summer!


    Julie from Ohio recently sent me a question that I think many of you new to Bob Mackie may relate to:

    “I am on the go a lot with my kids and I don’t think of my life as very glamorous.  Bob Mackie usually designs things that are for glamorous dressing.  Is there something you would recommend for me?”


    Bob Mackie has been known for dressing women for decades and in every instance the word glamour has been used.  If you’re like me, a working Mom who is not always able to put on make up, let alone feel glamorous, you might think that the Wearable Art line by Bob Mackie is too dressy or not for everyday.


    I recommend the  Bob Mackie’s Sunburst Pleated Printed Top with Ruching:



    It comes in dynamite colors of blue, grey and coral and the print is so much fun.  This is a newer item from Bob.  I think it is very fresh and easy to wear.  It reminds me of a poncho because it has a cape styling, but the arms are defined with stitching.  The neckline is ruched at the neckline, which is very feminine.


    My favorite part is the subtle pleating that adds to the fun of this look.  This top feels great on, and it’s also easy to care for-- it's machine washable and can be hang dried.  I think the best way to wear this is with your favorite pair of jeans so it can still feel casual and glamorous at the same time.


    I hope this helps! What other Mackie pieces do you wear for everyday glamour?


    And if you have any questions about fashion, style, and Bob Mackie Wearable Art, don't hesitate to ask :)








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