• May is For Mothers: Surprise Signed Carol Burnett Book Giveaway!



    Happy Friday, Mackinistas! Since today marks the start of the weekend, we thought we would do a spur of the moment giveaway. Sunday is Mother's Day but we would like to celebrate it for the rest of the month. For all that they do and continue to do for us, we think Mother's day should be a month long celebration. The above sketch is one Bob did for his granddaughter and her children last year-- how adorable are they?!

    Last month, we had the wonderful privilege to meet the great Carol Burnett when she was in New York City signing her latest book, Carrie and Me. Not only is Carol one of the most lovely and funniest lady on the planet, but she is also a caring and wonderful mother. Carrie and Me is a loving tribute to the memory of her daughter. Highlighting not only all the precious times they spent together, but also the trials and tribulations that they faced, this book will make you laugh, cry, and hug your loved ones tightly. We want to share their touching story with you, so we are giving away a signed copy of the book!

    You'll have a chance to multiply your entries each day. Entering the giveaway is simple: Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget box. You will see that the main entry says to "Leave a Blog Post Comment." Upon clicking on it, it tells you to leave a comment on this post telling us about a cherished memory you have of your mother. Once you have commented, return to the widget and click on "I Commented," which will then open up bonus entries you can complete to increase your chances of winning. Note: You DO NOT have to do the rest to be entered, just the mandatory comment portion. Good Luck and Happy Mother's Month! :)


    Best regards,

    The Bob Mackie Team



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    • Cathy Truman says...

      My Mother always put notes in our lunch bags and
      all around the house in books and drawers everywhere.
      After she passed away we were still finding notes in places
      all around the house. She was such a special lady she
      was an angel. We miss her so much.

      On May 30, 2013

    • Cindy Thurman says...

      I’ll always remember my Mom for her sweet heart!

      On May 30, 2013

    • Michelle C says...

      My Mom when she would vacuum, she would turn her stereo up loud and dance to the Bee Gees while vacuuming. I always got a kick out of that lol

      On May 30, 2013

    • Mary Byerly says...

      I remember watch the Carol Burnett show with my Mom and family. Thank you for the giveaway!

      On May 29, 2013

    • vicki lorenz says...

      I realized my mother was everything I thought about, but only better. We could laugh at ourselves and each others so easily.
      My funnest memory is her driving and then she stated heading to a ditch. She was screaming "Oh my God did you see that flock of bluebirds? Did you! Did you! Did you!. No mom I was too busy screaming “watch out for the ditch…………..”. Thank goodness she stopped about 1/4 minute to getting into an accident. I love this memory and still laugh when I imagine her face so excited, not a care in the world, not even driving. This was her last drive in the car and I will treasure it forever.

      On May 29, 2013

    • Christopher Rodriguez says...

      Probably the last time my mother, grandmother, and I went out to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s something I will always remember.

      On May 29, 2013

    • Karen says...

      Laughter. I just remember so much laughter.

      On May 29, 2013

    • Michelle says...

      Long drives in the summer with her to the country just for icecream, always on a sunday.

      On May 27, 2013

    • Thomas Gibson says...

      Best memory is when we used to go fishing together.

      On May 27, 2013

    • Luke says...

      Carol Burnett is hilarious!

      On May 26, 2013

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