• Wear it Well Wednesday.... Ask Margaux... dressing for travel

    Where are you headed this summer?  Is it a family vacation? A beach vacation?  Somewhere adventurous? How are you traveling?  By car, plane... train?  Whatever the case, you want to be looking good and comfortable, right?

    I am traveling up to New York City today to meet with the Bob Mackie Design team.  I do this every other month to see what is happening in the design studio for the upcoming season.  It's always very exciting because I get to see what Bob's newest creations are.  It's like going to an art opening!

    My journey requires comfort, flexibility and looking good.  That is what inspired my blog to you today.  So often, in the past, I have not thought those requirements out carefully and found myself regretting what I decided to wear.  Today I chose wisely:  a nice comfortable capri pant, a knit top and a cute pair of sandals.  The day is sunny, but not too blistering hot, so it's a nice day to walk.

    I find the best clothes for travel are knits.  They don't wrinkle very easily and they move with you.  If you are sitting anywhere for a long period of time a knit pant won't irritate you.  And here's a tip:  when you pack, roll your items instead of folding.  They will arrive with much less creasing.

    Here are some great choices from Bob Mackie's line for dressing comfortably and chic.  My pick for the top is a no brainer!  Just imagine how eye-catching this will be for you.  It practically shouts 'vacation':

    Especially in this color of green.  It also comes in charcoal, red and blue.  It's Bob Mackie's 3/4 sleeve 'boca raton' printed top.  A 212399.  It's a vibrant print with a banded hem and a side tie detail making this one a true vacation from our typical wardrobe basics.  No one can speak better than the other ladies wearing it... it's customer top rated!  Check out the reviews at QVC.com.

    Now, for the bottom... well, it depends on your mood, time of day and where you're headed right?  Any of these knit bottom silhouettes will be dynamite.  They are all from Bob Mackie:

    Bob Mackie's very popular wide leg pant... similar to a palazzo pant... love these.  Check out the array of colors for his best selling pants A13015.


    If you are feeling a little more sassy, slip into the Pull On Slim Leg Pants A230968... too cute for words and with a little sandal you'll be set for the boardwalk!

    This is the style I have on today. A233345, Bob's Ponte Knit Cropped Pants.  I love to show off a little leg, especially once I have some tan to my skin.  This a bottom that can be dressed with the right top or more casual with a tee shirt.


    No matter the case you're all set with a ready to go, set for any travel, ensemble.  Let me know where your travels are taking you this summer... we love to live vicariously through our Mackinistas!!!!!!




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