• Poolside on a warm day

    Happy Summer to everyone!  As my travels for my vacation are taking me to some interesting places, I will share a couple of them with you.  Recently I stopped in Bath, England and toured the Roman Baths.  

    This is a photo of the largest public bath in the center of an massive spa which dates back to 79AD.  What an amazing site to see these ancient ruins in the English countryside, that were once a flourishing Roman spa! To this day, there is a huge, active hot spring underneath this tourist site.


    Back in those days, this was a luxury, but also a necessity because they did not have the modern conveniences that we have today.  But even now who wouldn't love a spa experience?  How about you?  Do you like to relax by the pool or visit a spa?  If so, be sure to bring the right cover up when you are in and out of the water.  In case you missed Bob's recent visit to QVC, check out this caftan design which is a perfect cover up for many occasions:



    A222057 Bob Mackie's Embroidered Zip Front Short Sleeve Caftan.  The color choices are turquoise, coral, black, aqua and orchid.  The floral embroidery of the neckline and always useful pockets are exquisite and it's has a front zip closure with wonderful airy butterfly sleeves.  There are a lot of raving reviews for this one at QVC.com, so you can check out what other Mackinistas have to say.

    There is nothing like being gorgeous and comfortable with the right cover up whether your at the roman baths or your own bath!

    Enjoy your day.


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