• Wear It Well Wednesday: Glamorous Draping

    Hello all!  How is the week going for you?  Who is sick of this dreaded heat on the east coast?  I think my chickens were even sweating today!

    I continue on highlighting another must have for fall as recommended by 'in the know'  folks of the fashion world.  That would be something "drapy".  Have you ever worn something drapy?  This is not as straight forward as many try to make it.   Creating drapy takes thought and keen experience.  You may have encountered those who attempt drapy, but just end up looking like a tent.  

    Fortunately, Bob Mackie knows how to do drapy.  A picture says it all:


    You're familiar with Bob's sketches that are often shown on QVC with the model bringing the silhouette to life.  Here is the amazingly beautiful and talented Mitzi Gaynor who brought this dazzling piece to life.  One of Bob's favorite muses, Mitzi dons a full length, one of a kind Mackie caftan, which when you put the arm down creates a cascading drape that offers every bit of drama that one is looking for.

    I often say that Bob loves designing for us at QVC, because that gives all women the opportunity to wear his one of a kind looking designs.  Take a look here:

      This could not prove my point any better.  This design is directly inspired by the one that he did for Mitzi, offering all of us to opportunity to own a "Mackie", but also getting that great look of drape that is a must have in your wardrobe.  It is Bob's Boatneck Caftan with the faux leather trim detail.  In all actuality, this one could cover three 'must have for fall' elements:  something with a leather look, dramatic, and drapy.  It is still available in the blue/teal that you see here as well as a fuchsia red combo.

    There is another option that I want to share:

    This is Bob Mackie's Draped Jersey Knit Top with the jeweled studded insert.  A stunning piece that is so wearable for practically every woman. It is available in iris and a berry color.  The lines are classic and with the insert you have a little bit of sex appeal to cover that detail as well!

    Be sure to check out both of these great choices for the drapy look and while you're at it browse around Bob's entire Wearable Art collection on QVC.  His next visit is at the end of the month:  Friday, September 27, 2013 from 3 – 5 p.m. ET and  Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 4 – 6 a.m. ET

    Talk  to you soon,


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