• Wear it Well Wednesday... Bob Mackie makes magic, again!

    My question for today is,

     "What do I wear for a snazzy evening out that is spectacular, but not something that we've all seen before?"  In a photo, here is my answer:

    This is Bob Mackie's knee length sequin skirt.  I remember seeing this one for the first time in the New York design studio and being lost for words.   I was over the moon with it.  I thought, boy, Bob Mackie really knows how to keep it fresh.  There is so much to love... first of all the use of the panels to give us a slimmer figure.  There are solid panels built in on the sides of the skirt.  Thank you Bob!  Second, it's done in a poly/spandex, so you just slip it on and go!  Would you ever think that something so glamourous could be so comfortable?  Thanks again!  And then the artistry of the design is wonderful.  It's a ripple design done in sequins, which are on the front and the back of the skirt.  They are a smaller size matt sequin and they work along side a zig zag stitch done in a tonal metallic thread... check it out:

    Bob Mackie magic!

    I have the black choice which has all the detail in gold:


    I have a liquid gold top that I was dying to pair this with.  As you can see that takes it to another level.  The only thing I was missing was a fun gold slingback shoe.  For anyone who really enjoys Bob's work from the stage, ie the costumes and glamourous evening gowns that he has created for celebrities like Cher, that you will be over the moon with this one too.  Of course you can be versatile with it as well.  I look forward to pairing it with anything black on the top and the bottom... how about a nice black turtle neck and a pair of sleek black boots?  Very sharp!

    By the way there are three other colors:

    navy cranberry, and



    Any of the choices are exceptional.  For a Wear it Well moment, I can't think of anything better.  Pop over to QVC.com and look up item A237611 and be sure to grab it now, so you can start wearing it for all of your upcoming occasions where you want to add a bit of sparkle to the evening.


    Have a great week!


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