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    What do you think about when planning your dressing for the day?  Is is the weather?  Is is comfort?  Is it color driven?  Or is it what mood you're in?  I have shared many times that I am a mood dresser.  Not that a rainy day won't have some influence, but it's really dictated mostly by how I feel that day.  There is one other thing that I like as well... I like to make a statement.  We all have that last moment that we look in the mirror before we leave and we want to have that little conversation with ourselves that says 'You look good'.  Then we know.  When we are out, at work, at play, whatever, we know because you can sense that people notice... you get compliments!  


    I say all of this because more often that not, it's my Bob Mackie pieces that work that magic.  Do you find that as well?  It's brings confidence to my day when I know I look good.  I feel like I do everything better.  If you have not dipped your toe into Bob's Wearable Art Fashion, or if you are just dying to add more and want something new this is my recommendation for you.  This is brand new.  It's Bob's Crinkle Crinkled Lurex Knit Cardigan Item A238456.  

    This is definitely jazz it up dressing.  If you want the perfect go to anytime look for the holiday season this will deliver over and over again.  With the colors of black, brown, navy and plum, the choices are endless for anyone who wants some glamour in their life.  

    Check out the material up close:

    The lurex thread that is woven into the krinkle knit fabric gives off the hints of sparkle and when I say SUPER comfy... oh my word!  I could live in this outfit.

    Here is a photo of all the colors:

    I am wearing this on the Fashionably Early show this morning, Friday, Oct 25th at 6am on QVC.  I'll be dressed in   full look that includes the matching pant which is sold separately.

    It's the Krinkle Knit Slim Leg Knit Pants.  Item 238460.  Grab the two pieces if you can for a terrific option of relaxed suiting when you need it.

    I hope you can join me to see these brand new Bob Mackie designs, but if not let me know what you think and where you think you could rock this look for the upcoming season.


    Have an amazing weekend!


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