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  • Oscar night... what to wear?

    Hi Friends,   Are you excited about the biggest show of the year?  The Academy Awards is tonight!  We are having our own oscar party at home to entertain our friends and watch together.  We are going Hollywood tonight and all wearing something that touches on a bit of a red carpet look.  It's great fun. I am asking for your help.  I have a few Bob Mackie Choices in my wardrobe.  I don't know what to pick.  Let me know what you like the best.   Option 1 is a two piece set in grey.  It's Bob's open front...

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  • A snowy winter

    Happy New Year friends!  How was the joyous time for you ringing in 2014?  We were quietly sipping some champagne at home.  After a whirlwind of craziness throughout the entire holiday, I always find New Year's to be my calming down period.  On New Year's Day I actually did a major clean out of all the things 'I just don't need'.  Do you have stuff like that?  It felt GREAT.  We are taking our tree and decorations down today. In the world of weddings I was already busy with an gorgeous wedding last night.  The Bride's vision was a romantic...

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  • Get Your Glam On!

      Award season is here.  Everywhere we look there are television shows, ‘who wore it best’ magazine articles and all the buzz about ‘who’s wearing who’ for the various celebrations and ceremonies.  Who are you wearing today?  How about the original Red Carpet master himself?  Bob Mackie!  Bob has been dressing the top celebrities for years.  He’s been a significant part of what has created that ever-important question: “Who are you wearing tonight?  Of course with a Bob Mackie silhouette you are sure to catch everyone eye and that is what every celebrity wants.  Who doesn’t want to be noticed? ...

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