• What is your color for the holidays?

    As an floral and decor event designer, I work very hard throughout the year creating gorgeous works for all sorts of events.  It's a job that I love because no two events are the same and it allows my creativity to flow.  Christmas is the one time of the year that I host my own event where I go all out with the floral and decor… Christmas Even.  It's almost become a contest each year of out doing the last.  When my guests arrive now they are always so curious to see what the table looks like.  We literally remove everything from the living room to accommodate the tables and chairs.  The guest count changes from year to year.  This year it's going to be 24 people. The decor?  Well, I have been very inspired by color lately, but not the usual red and green Christmas colors.  They are in there, but I have included many other colors.  Our Christmas tree had the first touches:


    My kids and I made the round ornaments and the garland out of felt and felt yarn.  We used about 10 different colors.  Since I have the opportunity to do something different each year, I've decided to be a bit daring by using this theme for the Christmas Eve dinner tables.  The colors will be in the flowers, linens, chargers, seat cushions and the napkins.  The kids are really excited because it's much more whimsical.  

    What do you think?  Are you a person who enjoys bold designs with color?  I think the secret is if you are going to do it… you have to really do it.  Not just half way.  

    Bob Mackie knows how to do it.  This is one example:




    Bob Mackie's Printed Pants.  His artwork is what you wear!  The choices are blue multi, yellow multi and red multi.  Now, you may not think that this will be a choice that you would want, but just like me with my bold move for design and color on my christmas table…. think about it for a second… do you want to be a little daring? 

    Visit QVC.com and check out these pants! Item A233349.  You'll see that they are a pull on, wide leg, easy to wear pant.  But, the really good information is the reviews from other Mackinistas who have these.  They all say that they are so very comfortable and slimming.  Who would not want that?  One of the ladies does say… "you can't be shy" to wear these and that is true, but if you are someone who wants to have some fun and add something different and eye catching to your wardrobe… go for it.  I'm going for it with our decor and I'll report back with photos!

    We are now just 10 days away from Christmas Eve!  We've already gotten more snow this year than all of last year in my area… what about you?  Enjoy your weekend!




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