• A snowy winter

    Happy New Year friends!  How was the joyous time for you ringing in 2014?  We were quietly sipping some champagne at home.  After a whirlwind of craziness throughout the entire holiday, I always find New Year's to be my calming down period.  On New Year's Day I actually did a major clean out of all the things 'I just don't need'.  Do you have stuff like that?  It felt GREAT.  We are taking our tree and decorations down today.

    In the world of weddings I was already busy with an gorgeous wedding last night.  The Bride's vision was a romantic fantasy with hints of rustic and hopefully a bit of a winter wonderland.  Nothing that would prevent the guests from getting there, but enough to make it look lovely.  She got her wish.  Hercules delivered on the snow and we did the rest.  Here is one of my favorite things that we created.  We brainstormed with our Bride and her Mom on a neat idea to display the cards for guest seating… they are nestled in snow… faux of course.  What do you think?


    I just love when we do something different and unique.

    You know who else does different and unique?  Bob Mackie of course.  I hope you can join me tomorrow, Monday January 5th, a little early in the morning.  I am going to be on the Fashionably Early show, which starts at 6am, with Jayne Brown. I'll be there with a few fabulous Mackie designs one of which is my favorite! Bob's boatneck printed Malibu caftan.  Watch for item A226902.


    Are you taking a cruise?  Winter 'warm weather' holiday, or even now for a fun night out. Caftans are sexy, easy to wear and offer a little bit of drama.  They also hide a multitude of things that you don't want others to see :)  After the holidays that is a huge bonus.  

    Which brings me to my closing thought.  My New Year's resolution is back to the gym and eating healthy.  I know that is so not original, but I have no choice… it's so necessary.  How about you?  What is your resolution for this year?  Maybe watching more Bob Mackie on QVC?  You can start tomorrow :)  I'll see you there.




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