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Cher: A Woman Who Rocks


Music and fashion have long been a power-house couple that have dominated culture and in turn, the way we experience life. If anyone were to take a look back on the 20th Century and the powerful female musicians that came up in those times, they would find that Bob Mackie has dressed a landslide majority of them – most notably, Cher.



            For over forty years, the working and personal relationship Cher and Bob have had with one another has raised eyebrows and made headlines. In honor of their dynamic partnership and the pieces that have emerged from their relationship, The National Museum of Women in the Arts have placed in their traveling exhibit, Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power, including Cher’s Half-Breed costume Bob designed just for her.


            Women Who Rock displays costumes worn by music’s most powerful and engaging female performers, from Billie Holliday to Lady Gaga and every powerful beauty in between. The exhibit is now in its final six months and can now only be seen at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix Arizona from now thru April 20th  and The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan from May 15th until August 24th.


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