The Carol Burnett Show now on DVD

The classic variety television program, The Carol Burnett Show, is now available on DVD from Time Life. The Emmy-award winning program featured Bob Mackie as its costume designer for its entire 10 year run on television. Bob was more than a costume designer, however, as his wit and humor informed his designs and ultimately had great impact on the skits themselves. One of Bob’s most famous designs from the show, Starlett O’Hara’s dress from the “Went with the Wind” sketch is such an important part of TV history that it now resides in the Smithsonian!

Carol Burnett "Went with the Wind" dress 

In an interview with Larry King, Carol said of the dress: “That's one of the greatest sight gags ever. And I have to give Bob Mackie credit for that gag.. He came up with the idea of the curtain rod. Isn't that something?”

We’re excited that all the seasons of this hysterical show are out on DVD now, and are being introduced to a whole new generation! You can purchase the set here: 

What are some of your favorite moments from the Carol Burnett show?


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