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Get Your Glam On!


Award season is here.  Everywhere we look there are television shows, ‘who wore it best’ magazine articles and all the buzz about ‘who’s wearing who’ for the various celebrations and ceremonies.

 Who are you wearing today?  How about the original Red Carpet master himself?  Bob Mackie!  Bob has been dressing the top celebrities for years.  He’s been a significant part of what has created that ever-important question: “Who are you wearing tonight?

 Of course with a Bob Mackie silhouette you are sure to catch everyone eye and that is what every celebrity wants.  Who doesn’t want to be noticed?  It’s that what fashion is all about.

 The last time I guest hosted for Bob we had a Mackinista call in and she had such a great way of describing what she likes best about Bob Mackie’s Wearable Art designs.  She said it's class with a little bit of sass.  Isn’t that great? 

 Take a peek at this one:



This is Bob Mackie’s Boatneck Printed Malibu Caftan Top; item A226902, in the Grey Multicolor.  It also comes in Berry and Teal.  This is a perfect choice for any of you who are looking to add class, sass and a little bit of a Red Carpet look to your wardrobe!  Check out this one and more at

Bob will be on QVC today, January 25th from 11am-noon and 7-9pm (eastern time).  He will also be on tomorrow, January 26th from 5-7am before he jets off to Las Vegas to present an award himself.  Tune in to shop with him and hear what he has to say about the red carpet looks for the season.


You can also follow The Bob Mackie Team on Twitter (@bobmackie) and Instagram (hint: they have great contest running). Have a great weekend!





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