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Happy Birthday Cher!


           Happy Birthday to one of Mackie's favorite muses, Cher! For over forty years, Cher and Bob have maintained not just a wonderful working relationship, but have also nurtured a close friendship. Cher is the true personification of Bob's famous quote, "When you choose a Mackie, you dare to be noticed." In her 67 years, Cher has not only dared to be noticed but commanded global attention with her astounding 45 year career, spanning music, movies, and television. Bob has designed many iconic gowns for Cher, including her 1986 Oscar dress (pictured above). What sets Cher apart from the majority of her contemporaries is her boldness in choice of costume. 


          For all that she has been to the entertainment industry, the fashion industry, and personally to Bob, we at Bob Mackie Design Group are proud to wish Cher a very happy and memorable 67th birthday!


"Whatever Bob did, I was right for it. We always had a meeting of the minds. I was never nervous about the clothing, so he didn't have to limit himself. There was nothing he designed that I wouldn't wear, and he never ran out of ideas. After we started working together, he just knew what I'd like. He walked the line between fashion and costume, and that's my favorite place to go. In the whole time we worked together, I probably didn't like only about two things he had made." - Cher, as told to by Frank DeCaro in the book, Unmistakably Mackie




  • tim van den beldt

    love all of your gowns,

  • Berta Claar

    Happy Birthday Cher!! Love you and your music!! You are the best!!

  • Charity Charles

    I saw the Mackie exhibit years ago @ Fashion Institute (FIT) in NYC which was phenominal and gorgeous to behold. The Cher section was my ultimate favorite and a feast for the eyes!

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