• The Flower Report: Wedding of the Season

    It's been a whirlwind wedding season for me!  The floral work that I do is for special events, mostly for weddings.  Each season there is one bride who is very special.  The one who you connect with on practically every level.  Someone you want to be good friends with after the job you do for them is over.  This is that bride:

    "C" was a delight from the moment that I met her.  When you are working with a client, designing their wedding flowers, working so hard to make every dream they have come true, it can be stressful.  But she was so easy to work with.  I understood her vision immediately.  

    I think that is one of the reasons that I understand Bob Mackie so well. He is also working hard each day to make every woman's dream come true.  Ensuring that when you put on a piece of his art work you are transformed, making you feel the best you can feel.  There is a big responsibility in that-- just like I feel when I design and create flower arrangements for the most important day in a woman's life.

    This got me to thinking, "What would Bob create for me if I was getting married?" ... okay, I know, I'm already married!  But if "I could turn back time," ;) what if he were to have designed my dress? What would it look like?  

    I found this beautiful dress in the book, Unmistakably Mackie by Frank DeCaro 

    Now that's a stunning dress to wear on your very special day!  If Bob were to design your wedding dress, what would it look like?  Let's just dream a little and pretend we have a world famous fashion designer for our special day. Would it be tall and elegant or flowy and intricate?

    Bob may not be at our disposal to dress us for momentous milestones in our lives, but we do have him for making our everydays into special occasions. The way you dress should always make you feel and look as if you were a blushing bride. Maybe you have a special occasion coming up and you want to make an stunning entrance in a designer silhouette.  The Wearable Art collection on QVC is designed with making all of your days glamourous and fun.

    The wedding for my bride ended up being gorgeous from start to finish. Here are some of my designs:

    Tall silver candelabras with full, lush floral centerpieces at the top.


    Floral designs for the guest and head tables, with various containers of mercury glass, silver julep vases and pillar candle light.  All the flowers were in soft, pale colors of cream, green, peach, pink and lavender.  We used garden roses, peony, stock and hydrangea

    And the decor for a gorgeous banister in the great hall of their reception:

    Flowers are so wonderful, which I why we see Bob Mackie using them as he does in his art work.  Let me know what you're dream Mackie dress would be. 

    Also, be sure to join Bob for his upcoming shows on QVC.  He is on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 from 1-3pm and Thursday June 27th, 2013 from 5-7am and 6-8pm.  Have a great week!



    All the best,








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    • Connie Boyle says...

      I love Bob Mackie!!!

      On June 03, 2013

    • Connie Boyle says...

      I love Bob Mackie!!!

      On June 03, 2013

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