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Bob Is Back on QVC!

Hi Mackinistas,


Abbey from the Mackie Team here. Get ready to set your alarms, TiVos, and DVRs – Bob is back at QVC this week! Bob will be appearing this week on three shows: tomorrow, June 25th at 1 PM and Thursday the 27th at 5 AM and 6 PM EST. There will be new items added to the Wearable Art collection this week, tune in to find out what they are!

Today, I had the pleasure of going through the items to be featured this week and picking my personal favorites to share with you!


First is item A213101, the Bob Mackie ¾ Sleeve Orchid T-Shirt. This tropical themed top is sure to be just the right punch of color your summer wardrobe needs! The beautiful top comes in six colors and features stunning stitching and embroidery that makes it quintessentially a Mackie!



For the woman that loves a colorful yet comfortable pair of pants, Bob Mackie's Stretch Ponte Knit Crop Pants A05664, is just the crop pants you’ve been waiting to find! These stretch cotton pants come in twelve colors and can go with anything – from a neutral cardigan to your favorite, bright summer tank. No matter what you pair it with, you will always be fashion forward! With so many colors to choose from, mix and match them with your favorite Mackie top like the one shown above.



Last, but most certainly not least, Bob Mackie's Embroidered Dragon Motif Zip Front Shirt now comes in Royal Purple-- definitely something you won’t want to miss this week on the 6PM show! 





 Want to get a head start on your shopping? Check out QVC for more Bob Mackie Wearable Art and be sure to tell us/show us your favorite pieces @bobmackie on twitter and instagram.


Happy Shopping!


~Abbey Barker

  Bob Mackie Team

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  • Candy Leech

    I’m writing on behalf of Bob Mackie’s recent additions A234122 and A234121 which is his Skirt and matching blouse both of which come in a variety of colors one of which is the aqua. Now this outfit put together is one SMASHING looking set. I recently lost a sufficient amount of weight so I am now slender enough to wear skirts without looking dumpy or dowdy in them. So when this set came out I was watching the show at the time and immediately ordered both items. Now the only problem is I have ugly ankles. No kidding, don’t laugh because I am not lying here, they are really awful, you heard me, AWFUL. They are not fit for society; so I wear my pants plenty long so they do not show. However the skirt was not long enough to cover my ankles. Now I was not giving up on this outfit; come &*& or high-water, I was going to make this set work. So, as you all probably know the larger the skirt in most cases, the longer it is in length. Well I am a seamstress extraordinaire so I figured I could get the largest size skirt which is the longest and take in the waist and if necessary, take out the waist and add my own elastic waist to make it longer. However fate and whatever fairies there are for people with ugly ankles played a part, because once I got the skirt in 3X and held it up, my sister and I agreed, it was long enough to cover them; besides, seriously who really looks at peoples ankles, which I was counting on. Well thanks to Bob Mackie and how well he constructs his clothes, I have noticed that most of his skirts are made with the elastic in the channel instead of sewing the elastic into the waist, which I have noticed others, (no names) have done. So when the elastic is loose in the channel all that is needed is to open the seam in the back a smidge, (a technical term), pull the elastic out enough so the waist is smallened, (a writer’s term taking an artist license) enough to fit around my waist. Then sew back the seam and done and done. Well I put together a cami, bought the Aimee Lynn belt, number A230127 in the aqua and VOILA’. It was gorgeous. I had a function to go to for which I had put together this outfit and you wouldn’t believe the number of compliments I got. But in addition a few complimentary male once over’s that all women are familiar with, that all added up to an overblown ego. Which, to me, translates to feeling good about yourself like normal people instead of my usual feeling of…well we won’t go there. Just suffice it to say that I felt beautiful that night. And that feeling can’t be bought, sold, given away, or gotten by any means but is priceless. Let’s just say the evening was a winner and I have that outfit hanging outside my closet where it can remind me of the night I felt like a beautiful women. Thank You Bob Mackie for doing that, there are no words to tell you what you did for me. But hopefully this little blog will give you an idea what all of your clothes do for me.
    So for anyone reading this and if you’re interested the numbers for the outfit described again is A234121 and A234122; the blouse and skirt respectively; and the belt was Aimee Lynn A230127. That belt, by the way, is really attractive and adjusts in the nicest way. It has a very simple silver clasp which I thought would look best with the Bob Mackie set in Aqua. The cami I had in my wardrobe and was a solid aqua that was just a tad darker than the skirt set. So if you want to see that outfit, it’s still available on QVC. The belt is available in white, aqua and bronze.
    Now one other thing I would like to address to Bob Mackie, in case he reads these; I heard him say on air that he hopes that his items aren’t returned too much because, naturally that would give him an idea how well his items are liked. I would like to state that, with one exception that I will not go into, all returns I have made have been done ONLY because I found I had spent too much money and couldn’t afford all the items I ordered. You see, everything new you come out with, I want. But I don’t necessarily wear all of them simply due to my particular circumstances at this time. You see, my life sort of worked out backwards, in my point of view of course; by which I mean, now when I am older and disabled and don’t go to work anymore, I find I can now afford to splurge on Bob Mackie clothes. However, because I am older and disabled than I don’t really have as much use for them in a – going out of doors sense. Except for going to Starbucks once a week and the grocery store I don’t go out that often. So whereas I can afford to splurge, I can’t overdo it and that’s what I do most of the time. You see I want everything you make, well, except for pants; I want every set, jacket, blouse and tunic you make. However not only am I running out of closet space but I don’t have that many functions for which I need a really nice outfit. That doesn’t stop me from buying them of course; but it explains why you get returns, at least from me. Now I know you can’t possibly go through all returns and subtract out the ones that came from one person; I did at least want to tell you this. So just know that not all returns are because the item is not liked.
    Keep designing Bob because I intend to continue to buy, within reason I’m afraid but at least I can still afford to buy and WEAR your clothes. A few favorites: the Sultana cardigan: SUPER, the above outfit obviously, but also item #: A232566, your floral skirt. I just got that one in aqua again, (my favorite color) and put together a smashing set along with your Feather embroidered Tank and Blouse. That set is GORGEOUS. I just got the robin’s egg blue, (I CAN NOW FIT IN LARGE!!) and the seafoam. Another favorite in which I got every color is the Balinese Ikat dress. That one is really gorgeous. I didn’t think I would be able to wear that because it was just straight down, nothing to hide body flaws, however I was wrong. The dress is very flattering, VERY. So before I end up writing a novel just going into your beautiful clothes, I will end this blog with a simple but heartfelt THANK YOU. You can’t know what you do for me. I review every item I buy from you and I, (with one exception) have never given you less than 5 stars. I write a book and many times in the review have criticized the people who have given you fewer than 5 stars for STUPID reasons such as, it wrinkles, or my personal favorite “it smells”. I love the one person who put in only one star because she found an opening in the lower part of the princess seam. Gee guess what that was!!. She stated that she took it to her seamstress to have it fixed. I can only imagine the look on the Seamstress’ face when she got it to fix only to find out her client didn’t know it was a pocket. People who give you fewer than 5 stars for stupid reasons, (and in fact they all are) I take personally. But anyway thank you for from me, because you’d have to know my whole life to understand, but just suffice it to say, that your clothes play a HUGE part in my life. And I know that sounds weird but there it is. Stay well, and looking forward to your next show. Thank you again. Candy

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