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CHER Lights Up the 4th

Happy 4th of July, Mackinistas! Today, we bring you a post from the supreme Mackie enthusiast, Philip of Hire Me Bob Mackie, to tell you all about his experience seeing Cher perform live in NYC.



Over the weekend I had the rare privilege of seeing The Mackie Muse, Cher, strut her stuff on stage. Did I cram myself in the throngs of revelers at the Pride Pier Dance? Good lord, no!  I would have had a panic attack.  Actually my fiancé, Ryan, found a hookup in order to watch her film a music spot for The Macy's 4th of July Special

She performed her new single, A Woman's World, a few time for the taping and in between takes she chatted with the audience.  It was such a surreal experience!  Here was this amazing woman you have seen on TV all your life standing on stage asking “Are you guys having fun? How did you guys hear about this?”  It was not normal by any means.  The best part was that there had to be a maximum of 500 people in the audience.

Being that Cher is our favorite performer, and Mackie Masterpiece Wearer, we were over the moon when we got word that Ryan landed the tickets.  I immediately snapped, “You need a sequin Cher shirt!”  I have always wanted to make him a t-shirt with Cher’s name sequined on it for him, and there was no time like the present.  My first thought was that “Cher” had to be written in Bob Mackie’s handwriting.  He has such rad penmanship.  I referenced the designs Mackie did for Cher and lifted the way he wrote her name for the motif on Ryan’s shirt.  The result was sheer Cherfection!


Even though Cher wasn’t wearing Mackie that night it was an amazing experience.  Check your local listings to see where/when to tune in to see Cher perform on the anniversary of this great nation!


Special thanks to Ryan of My Chers for sharing his pic of Philip's Cher shirt with us!

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  • Anthony C.

    I was there too! Amazing Fabulous night!
    OMG, love it!

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