• The Flower Report: the elegant Calla Lily

    Hello all!  This weekend I did flowers for a very posh wedding in downtown Philadelphia.  It was such a treat to work with large grande Calla Lilies.  There is something so refined, elegant and sensuous about this flower.  1/2 half of the dinner table designs were done with this design:

    I think it's the linear shape, gracefulness and purity that really makes this flower so unique and beautiful.  The Calla Lily's history is rich with stories going back to the Roman days where this flower was used often for celebration and to mark the passing of the summer solstice each year.  

    It's gorgeous alone with the tall stems and necks gracefully falling where they want to go, or with a mix of flowers:  

    This was the place card table where the guests received their cards guiding them where to sit.  I like this table to always be an eye catching look because it's usually the first florals that a guest sees.  For this event we created a multi-tier clean assortment of different risers, vases and flowers put together to be one of a kind display using many different kinds of flowers, including Calla Lilies.  As you can see the Bride's colors were white and purple.

    This was the design that was done for the other half of the guest dinner tables:


    We wrapped a pewter ribbon around a clear glass cube vase to work back to the pewter pintuck linens that she chose for the tables.  Each side of the vase was finished with a crystal/pearl broach for an added level of glamour.  The flowers in the vase are white Hydrangea and Tulips (another lovely flower with elegant lines).

    So what do you think of the exquisite Calla Lily?  It has had popularity as a funeral flower, but I  think it's made a huge come back to be the flower that defines elegance, purity and celebration, as the Romans enjoyed it centuries ago.  

    And what do you think about these elegant glamourous designs?  Much like Bob Mackie, I create for my Ladies/Brides to give them the flowers and designs that suits their wishes and desires perfectly.  That is what Bob does for you and me with fashion!  

    Great fashion is about the right lines and form much like a perfect flower and he is a master!  Be sure to visit his Wearable Art Collection at QVC.com today!

    Watch for my next installment of a fall 'must have' this coming week and make sure you have your calendars marked for Bob's next visit at QVC:  Friday, September 27, 2013 from 3 – 5 p.m. ET and  Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 4 – 6 a.m. ET

    Have a lovely day!  Margaux

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